Titelberg - archaeological site

Where? Pétange

An important site from Celtic times

Large Trevian oppidum of the 1st century B.C., surrounded by ramparts of a length of nearly 3 km. Gallo-Roman vicus from the 1st to the beginning of the 5th century.

On the top of a stony hill, hidden behind the forests of the Titelberg, lies an old Celtic oppidum that dates back to ancient times. Historically, these old ruins reveal to be of high importance. Archeological excavations found out that once the oppidum overlooking the valley of the Chiers was the capital of the Treveri, an old antique culture coexisting at the times of the Roman Empire. In fact, many artifacts found on the site reveal the economic and political importance of the city in the old empire. Standing here, you can still feel the history when passing the old ruins. Some parts of the excavations clearly show the remains of the old Celtic city, others show the Roman vicus after that the Romans conquered the place.

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Address: Titelberg - archaeological site
Rue du Titelberg
L-4576 Rodange
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