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A grand tour full of discoveries

The entire Region in one big loop

The "Tour am Minett" is the ideal opportunity for petrolheads to discover a unique region. 90km of drivers roads are awaiting your visit.

As you drive accross it, the Minett region will show off its beauty: vast nature reserves in the former mining areas, big renaturation projects and well preserved historical industrial sites are waiting to be discovered. Take a quick pit stop, hike into one of the lush nature reserves on foot and immerse yourself - and be astounded by how calm, quiet and relaxed it can be, just a short walk away from the hustle and bustle of the modern world.

See how the region continues to reinvent themselves, either by turning existing infrastructure into something new or builds on strong foundations. As you drive accross some of the larger towns and cities, you'll see unmistakeable signs of the industrial heritage of this region; a heritage that has influenced landscape, society, culture, architecture and more.

Additionally, due to their shorter length, this regional loop is well-suited for a brief weekend trip as their more manageable tour distance make visiting touristic highlights along the way while still finishing the entirety of the loop in one day much more likely.

Of course, you shouldn't feel the need to finish the "Tour am Minett" with any degree of haste anyway - so take your time, relax and discover a diverse, contrastful region with a rich history and culture and find out why the UNESCO label "Man and the Biosphere" is well-deserved.

Please note: The tour is not signposted.

A few impressions of the tour...

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A petrolheads dream

The "Tour am Minett" is one of six regional loops that are themselves part of one large national route: The "Grand Tour du Luxembourg".

Incredible, beautiful landscapes, hidden hamlets and great drivers roads await on this epic journey throughout the entire Grand Duchy. The "Grand Tour du Luxembourg" puts the whole country on display and makes one thing very clear: Great things come in (sometimes not so small) packages! As, despite its diminutive size, seeing every nook and cranny of this beautiful small country in the heart of Europe will take you on a not-so-short journey of 450 kilometers.

Your road trip through Luxembourg will offer an immersive experience, weaving together history, natural beauty, and gastronomic delights. Winding through the country's charming, varied and challenging roads, you'll discover a captivating blend of old-world charm and contemporary allure. You will experience the small, subtle differences between the regions, dabble in local traditions and history...

Luxembourg experienced many important periods throughout its past. From the neolithic age through the age of Romans and Celts and into the medieval era, the countryside saw many changes and constructions take place. Fortifications and redoubts, some of whose footprints are still visible today, are a testimony to the rich history of the entire region. As a part of european history, the medieval castles and fortifications and, later, the fortified capital city can still be visited today - so go discovering off-track and dive into a tapestry of stories you never knew.

Take the road less traveled

The route will take you accross all of the country and will avoid taking the busy roads; the parcours uses none of the nations highways and focuses on the beautiful, well-maintained rural road network that cris-crosses a beautiful landscape. Along the way, you'll discover that each touristic region has its own very characteristics; from the vast nature reserves and the deep red of the clifffaces in the former open-pit mining areas in our Minett Region, the refreshing green of the vineyards along the Moselle to the valleys and dense forests of the Müllerthal, the wild highlands in the Éisleks north and all of the beautiful hillscapes in between - each kilometer has its own heritage, local custom and story to tell. Small hamlets, big cities, past, present and future, nature and developments all go hand in hand and make Luxembourg the diverse drivers paradise that it is.

In addition to the large national tour, the "Grand Tour du Luxembourg" is also available as a collection of regional loops. The loops stay within the boundairies of the different touristic regions and allow you to discover them in even more detail, while keeping the distances shorter

Signposting to help you along the way

The "Grand Tour du Luxembourg" is signposted on its entire length of 450km

The signposting is only available if the direction of the road and/or its priorities change. It is only done in one direction (counter-clockwise) and is positioned in the approach to the intersections. No signposting is set up on the intersections themselves. The signposting takes the shape of a 30x30 white sign with the GT-Logo as well as a direction indicator in dark green.

Deviations, closed roads and roadworks are not signposted. As such, the signposting is acting as a support, but to ensure that you won't be running into problems or get lost, we strongly recommend using the digital versions of the tours. All tours are available as a GPX file and are kept up to date to account for road closures and diversions.

The regional tours are not signposted at all and will need to be navigated by using the GPX files only. The loops are partially congruent with the national tour, so the signposting is partially applicable as a support as well.

Signposting example

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Feel the buzz

The "Grand Tour du Luxembourg" is also well-suited to being discovered with your battery EV. The Chargy network of recharge stations offers a dense network of over 700 stations. A subscription card to unlock and pay for the charging is required in general, but some of the stations can be used free of charge.

An overview of the available charging stations can be found on the map below.

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No need to rush

450 Kilometers of driving roads might seem like a daunting task, and even 90 Kilometers and a veritable treasure trove of discoveries along the way can easily feel overwhelming as a one-day trip. Luckily, Luxembourg is home to many excellent hotels and hostels, allowing you to relax and take the trip at your own pace without needing to worry.

In the Minett region alone, there's a wide offer of different holiday homes, overnight stays, hotels, hostels and lodges awaiting your stay. Why not stay in one of the "Kabaisercher", redeveloped hiking huts that are unique in their own way - you'll get to sleep in a traincar, in an animal parc or in the middle of a nature reserve. So just take it slow, relax and be enchanted by the Minett regions gracious hosts.