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Where? Ancienne Usine, L-4010 Esch-Schifflange

At the heart of the hearth

FerroForum was founded to preserve and promote both our cultural, industrial and traditional crafts heritage and the expertise developed to produce iron and steel. Although an integral part of the Esch 2022 – European Capital of Culture programme, FerroForum is a long-term project with the aim being that it becomes a key player in this field. Established as a non-profit association, FerroForum is housed in the Atelier Central (central workshop) of the former Arbed Esch-Schifflange Steelworks.

The FerroForum is open upon request.

Repurposing this industrial architecture will create the perfect setting for all FerroForum’s activities, which range from documentation to developing artistic creativity and innovation. FerroForum will be a place to meet and explore which will stimulate discussion and interaction between all those interested in steelmaking – whether because of their personal background, their passion or simply out of curiosity.

Open to the general public, FerroForum aspires to be a generator of ideas, an incubator for projects and available to all sorts of people: artist collectives, former steelworkers, artisan blacksmiths, researchers, historians, students and other groups.

FerroForum is based around 3 pillars:

  • The Ressourcerie: central archives containing documentation and research about the history and technologies of iron and steel manufacturing.
  • The Ateliers (workshops): laboratories for creation and experimentation, equipped with a wide range of functional tools covering the whole technical spectrum, from archaeological testing to new technologies
  • The Réfectoire (refectory): a welcoming place where different disciplines and generations can share food and their experience.

Concentrating on the main theme of awareness and promotion of iron and steel, the focus of FerroForum’s activities will be a cultural programme with craft and educational activities for all. This involves working closely with local, regional and international players, in particular to organise joint activities.

Opening hours

The FerroForum is open upon request.

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Address: FerroForum
Ancienne Usine
L-4010 Esch-Schifflange
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Phone:+352 621 417 628
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