When? Saturday 06.07.2024

Luxembourg Pride Week & Street Fest

Where? Avenue du Rock n' Roll 9G, L-4361 Esch-sur-Alzette Theatre, Film & Shows, Gastronomie, Other, Art, Culture & Literature, Markets, Music Festivals, LDAV

Concerts, exhibitions, conferences and the famous Street Festival.

Esch, the LGBTIQ+ capital 
A nation open to diversity and to everyone, Luxembourg is once again celebrating Pride this year. Esch-sur-Alzette, the Grand Duchy’s second largest city, has been hosting the Luxembourg Pride since 2010, the country's largest rainbow-coloured annual event.

Many concerts, parades, exhibitions and conferences are organised.

Queer Arts Festival
During the first weekend, queer artists from Luxembourg, the Greater Region and Europe will present their work and talents, through independent films, dance performances, paintings, photography and literary compositions.

Queer Archive Luxembourg 
The academic study of the history of the LGBTIQ+ community in Luxembourg remains still in its infancy. However, some very interesting research by historians provide information about individual eras and events.
Rosa Lëtzebuerg has also launched the Queer Archive Luxembourg initiative to document the contemporary queer history of the local community.

The Equality March will really kick off the celebration of diversity and acceptance on Saturday, 13 July. On two stages for the first time, you can expect a firework of music, dance and other shows, as well as political contributions.

On Sunday, 14 July, it’s back to business: starting with a big Rainbow Breakfast at the street festival: if Saturday was all about partying, Sunday will be more relaxed, but no less exciting. A wealth of concerts, drag shows and many other specials will make this Sunday an unforgettable experience from a queer perspective. Sunday is also dedicated to the Eurovision Song Contest this year! Be curious to see which ESC winner will honour us this year!

The street festival is also the official end of Luxembourg Pride Week. You can discover all the events during Pride Week on our website.

© Rosa Lëtzebuerg
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Address: Luxembourg Pride
Avenue du Rock n' Roll 9G
L-4361 Esch-sur-Alzette
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