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Anu Vaidyanathan
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BC:AD (Before Children after diapers)

Event location: Aalt Stadhaus - Salle de spectacle

Stand-up comic Anu Vaidyanathan used to be an international triathlete, who became a mum and then she was history.

BC:AD (Before Children, After Diapers) is an invitation to anyone that finds themselves slightly overdrawn, mostly obscure and definitely needing the sound of another voice to reason with their own challenges.

In her debut standup hour, Anu paints a peripatetic picture of a comedian, filmmaker and sometime engineer who loves endurance sports, including parenting.

From the equatorial latitudes of Madras, India to the glacial confines of Munich, Germany, the throughline of BC:AD is anything but a line. It resembles a cooked thread of spaghetti. Or string cheese past its due date, with enough twists and turns to make the most ambitious wedgie, jealous.

If before children, Anu was considered unique for being one of few women to race triathlons, after diapers she finds herself being the least common multiple. A mum. And that might be something to write home about.

Anu Vaidyanathan is a filmmaker, comedian and engineer whose memoir Anywhere But Home was long-listed for the Mumbai Film Festival’s word-to-screen market in 2016. Her feature scripts have found themselves at the final rounds at Sundance and Rotterdam.

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