Sports aquatiques

Fishponds Lamadelaine


Hidden in the valley of Lamadelaine and surrounded by woodland you can find three marvellous ponds which ever since have been attracting people from in and around the region. Inviting, simple and peaceful, this place is a must if you seek to have drink in a relaxing atmosphere. With some nice rambling routes leading to deep forests and old open cast iron ore mining sites, the ponds of Lamadelaine are a great starting point for a stroll towards the natural reserve “Prënzebierg – Giele Botter”. Next to the edge of the pond, you’ll find a small yet really inviting café that offers you a great selection of drinks. If the weather is good, we recommend you to take a seat on the terrace and enjoy the beautiful view on the ponds. But also in winter, the café is a great place just to have a warm drink close to the chimney. 

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