Cycle tour "Tour Boler"

cycle tour tour boler rodemack photo 1


Take the long route, the short route…or both!

The "Boler Tour" circuit has something for everyone—from those looking for a Sunday joyride to the most experienced cyclists looking for a challenge. The circuit offers two loops, so riders can choose the one that suits them best... or ride both! Along the route, you’ll encounter ancient ruins, such as the Rodemack fortress or parts of the Maginot Line, and modern architecture, such as the church of Boust. The circuit is named after the river it crosses: the Boler, not far from Lake Mirgenbach.

And if you’d like to take a break—or two—along the way, there are plenty of sites to visit along the way, such as the Cattenom forest, the medieval tower in Usselkirsch, the Bildstocks or even the aquatic centre in Breistroff.
Departure: Rodemack

Distance : 20.7 Km
Altitude : 269 m
Difficulty : Medium

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