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Nature reserve "Beetebuerger Bësch"


Time to lace up those boots!

This forest between Leudelange and Bettembourg seems fairly ordinary at first: magnificent trees, beautiful landscapes and the joyful chirping of the birds to accompany you along the way. And yet, if you trek a little deeper into this welcoming nature reserve and keep your eyes open, you might spot some rare species. The  massif forest consists primarily of beech trees, and a path takes you along streams and pools all the way to the Léiffraeweier pond. Be on the lookout for the ashen woodpecker, the black woodpecker and the sea woodpecker.

And at dusk, if you gaze up at the branches and the sky, you might catch a glimpse of a Natterer or Bechstein’s bat. You’re not afraid of bats, right?

Trails leading through de nature reserve "Beetebuerger Bësch": Auto-pédestre Abweiler, CFL 20: Luxembourg - Bettembourg, Sentier nature "Beetebuerger Bësch"

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