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Nature reserve "Kiemerchen / Scheiergronn / Groussebësch"


The 370 ha nature reserve "Kiemerchen / Scheiergronn / Groussebësch" sits between the villages of Lasauvage, Oberkorn and Belvaux, with a length of around 6.5 km, right on the border between Luxembourg and France. The area is composed of two very different landscapes. The "Kiemerchen / Scheiergronn" area between Oberkorn and Belvaux is a former open-cast mine where iron ore, called "Minett", was mined until the 1970s. Nowadays, nature has recaptured the landscape. On a hike through the area you can discover young pioneer forests and species-rich dry grasslands. A special feast for the eyes are the numerous orchids that bloom in the dry grass along the paths in spring. Nevertheless, the industrial past of the area remains omnipresent: for instance by discovering a 3 km long former truck road that runs across the forest area, where the mined iron ore was transported to the region's smelters, or through the numerous rock faces that have developed as a result of mining. The "Groussebësch" section impresses above all with its forests located along the Crosnière. On a small path you can hike along this picturesque border stream and discover both the forest, forest meadows and relics from the industrial past of the region.


Other starting points from which you can explore the nature reserve:
Chemin du Moulin L-4580 Differdange
Rue Metzkimmert L-4628 Differdange


Trails leading through the nature reserve: Auto-Pédestre Differdange, CFL 27: Belvaux - Oberkorn, CFL 28: Oberkorn - Differdange 28a - Niederkorn, CFL 30: Oberkorn - Fond-de-Gras - Rodange, Sentier de la Crosnière


Pictures © Jan Herr

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