Nature reserves

Nature reserve "Brucherbierg - Lallengerbierg"


A unique walk among butterflies and orchids

Between the municipalities of Esch-sur-Alzette, Kayl and Schifflange is the 267-hectare Brucherbierg-Lalléngerbierg nature reserve—a perfect area for walking, cycling or mountain biking. When open-pit mining operations in the area were finally discontinued, the territory resembled a lunar landscape with bright red soil. There was no vegetation to speak of—just dry, barren wasteland. But little by little, the land has been reclaimed by nature. The rocky ground has been transformed into dry grassland, the bats have returned, and to our delight, there are now more than 500 species of butterflies fluttering among the orchids.

What a dream!

Trails leading through the nature reserve: Auto-pédestre Schifflange, CFL 25 Kayl - Schifflange25a - Esch/Alzette, Um Réimerwee

Opening hours

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