Trail "De Kaweechelcherspad"


Discover the habitat of the squirrel on the "De Kaweechelcherspad" trail

The 1.4 km long squirrel path leads its visitors along the northern and western exposed slopes of the "Brucherbierg" at the south of Schifflange. On site, educational boards tell about the everyday life of the smallest mammal in Luxembourg, and its visitors can discover the many plant and animal species with which the squirrel shares its habitat. Here children get their money's worth and can learn

  • how much oxygen a tree produces every day
  • what allows the ivy to climb trees
  • what kind of grass only occurs in the forest

and much more. In addition, you can discover the unique climate and the rich rock history of the "Brucherbierg", where you can still see the traces of the historical iron ore mining to this day.



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Opening hours

opening hours not communicated


Departure : rue du Parc 3814 Schifflange

Arrival : Chemin Vert, 3878 Schifflange

Parking : Parking is possible in the adjacent district.

Distance : 1,359 km

Altitude : 345 m

Running time : 00h25

Difficulty : Easy


Follow the trail via the educational plaques with the squirrel