Fairytale path "Märchewee" Differdange


Hike in the footsteps of Hansel and Gretel, Pinocchio or Rapunzel - a wonderful short hiking trail for families with children.

Children and their families get their money's worth on this  hiking trail of almost a kilometer: along the way from the starting point at the "Vëlosschoul" in Differdange, six stations with unusual wooden sculptures tell the stories of their fairy tale characters. From the wicked witch to the carved marionette Pinocchio, Snow White or Cinderella, all fairy tale characters have their own sculpture. The „Klenge roude Leiw » from the works of Mireille Weiten- de Waha is also part of the trail.

It's not just about finding the stations, it's about playing: the stations contain challenges for the little ones, such as climbing a wall with the help of Rapunzel's braid. The trail also hides wood-carved forest animals that can be located using telescopes installed along the trail.


Opening hours

opening hours not communicated


Departure : Parking "Vëlosschoul", Rue Metzkimmert, Differdange

Arrival : Parking "Vëlosschoul", Rue Metzkimmert, Differdange

Parking : The start is at the parking lot of the "Vëlosschoul" on the edge of the forest.

Distance : 1,013 km

Altitude : 367 m

Running time : 00h45

Difficulty : Easy


Follow the path along the hill from one station to the next.