Planetary Trail - Didactic Path "De Saturn"


From hiker to astronaut...

Blast into outer space on the Saturn planetary walking trail. This scenic route is perfect for wild nature lovers and tranquillity seekers. Traversing the unique landscape of the former Arbed open-pit mine, in an area known as the Lallengerbierg, this 4km trail offers access to exceptional flora and a wide variety of bird species. In addition to the earthly wonders, hikers can enjoy learning about the heavens along the way. Ten bronze plaques depicting the sun and planets in relief at a scale of 1:1000 000 000 000 take hikers on a journey of 6 billion km. Each post offers a wealth of information about the planets, celestial bodies and the ancient mythology behind their names.

Get ready for a cosmic adventure!  


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Distance : 3.9 Km
Difficulty : Easy


  • GPS location
  • Guided tour
  • Rental of audio guides