Auto-pédestre trail Belvaux


Hike to some small castle ruins on a hill on the Auto-pédestre trail Belvaux

The trail leads over the Pakebierg, past the Tour Hertzienne, over the Lötschet to the Zolverknapp. Next to this castle ruin, you may enjoy a nice view. We go past the retirement home and follow partly the national footpath "Sentier du Sud" to the Gaalgebierg, which is a popular recreation area. We then arrive back at the starting point.



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Opening hours

opening hours not communicated


Departure : Belvaux town hall, 7 rue de Soleuvre 4487 Belvaux

Arrival : Belvaux town hall, 7 rue de Soleuvre 4487 Belvaux

Parking : Public parking available at the start of the tour

Distance : 9,207 km

Altitude : 415 m

Running time : 02h50

Difficulty : Medium


Please follow the signposts with the blue arrow on white background