Audio Trail „Lauschter-Wanderwee Butschebuerg“



Discover an exciting story on a walk in the forest

An enchanted princess, bells, a strange snake, an ember that turns into a piece of gold; now on you can discover all this during a walk in the forest. Both children as well as adults experience unique discoveries on this trail.The starting point of the audio and hiking trail „Lauschter-Wanderwee Butschebuerg“ is on the Gymnich square in the Budersberg residential area. The goal is located on the Johannisberg (Mont St. Jean). The route leads along 10 stations, most of them strewn throughout the forest. At each station there is a sign with 5 different QR codes. Here, you can choose between one of four different languages: Luxembourgish, French, German or Sign language (with the help of the HörgeschädigtenBeratung SmH). This way, you can listen to the story and/or watch it on your smartphone. The 5th code shows the way to the next station. 

The round trip takes about 1.5 hours.

More than just an adventure

The audio trail is more than just a nice and playful walk for everyone.

In this way you can also discover the cultural heritage of Dudelange in the south of the country. In addition, this route offers, thanks to a cultural and dynamic experience, an additional opportunity for social cohesion.


Opening hours

opening hours not communicated


Departure : Place Gymnich, L-3485 Dudelange

Distance : 1,168 km

Altitude : 410 m

Running time : 00h25

Difficulty : Easy


The codes at the individual stations, which are displayed with a QR code reader (e.g. a smartphone), show the way to the next station.