Accessible to all trail "Liichte Wee"


Short and accesible trail in Kayl

The 'Liichte Wee' is a path that is accessible for all the people. Everyone can discover the 2.23 kilometre route, regardless of whether they are on foot, with a stroller, a rollator or wheelchair. Until now no comparable path actually exists in Luxembourg. Starting point and arrival are at the 'Schungfabrik' in Tetange, where you can also find handicapped-accessible parking spaces. The path leads past the 'Alexandraschoul'. You cross the zebra crossing in Rue Neuve and pass the supermarket to get to the 'Park Ouerbett'. Passing the old people's home, you have to cross the small bridge. Then you walk past the fire station, the small soccer field and the large playground. Once you have arrived at the restaurant, you can find public, handicapped-accessible toilets. Now you cross the second small bridge and make your way back to the destination of the 'Liichte Wee' at the 'Schungfabrik'.

Opening hours

opening hours not communicated


Distance : 2,100 km