23 Station to station Rumelange - Kayl


Ramblers leave Rumelange through a former mining area. Climbing steadily, the route touches the French border. It then continous in a wide loop through a big wooded section.
Passing several points of interest, it finally leads downhill to Kayl station.

Those who wish to end their walk earlier, cancut short at Bromeschbierg hill, via the 900-m-long trail CFL 23a which descends to Tétange station. This reduces the distance of the tour to 10,6 km.

N.B.: Few trains stop at Kayl, Tétange and Rumelange stations. Alternative: bus service. Please take a close look at the timetables while planning your trip.


  1. National Miners’ Monument
  2. Léiffrächen: pilgrimage site to the miners’ patron saint
  3. Monument to two British pilots, whose plane crashed here in 1952
  4. National Mining Museum | www.mnm.lu
  5. Kolscheed: municipal park with several monuments



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Distance : 12.2 Km
Difficulty : Medium


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