Guided tour of the nature reserve Ellergronn "Natura 2000"


From mines to nature reserves.

There are certain landscapes that change dramatically over time, and the Ellergronn Nature Reserve is one of them. Formerly known as the Kazebierg extraction zone, located south of Esch-sur-Alzette, this area was primarily used for iron-ore mining until a few decades ago. After the mines were abandoned, the land was transformed into a multitude of habitats, which now host to a wide variety of species. The animals make their homes in the middle of the ponds, in the region’s dry grasslands, in the alder and ash trees, along the banks of wonder they love it here! The area is also part of the European Natura 2000 network of protected nature reserves. The perfect place for a hike or healthy day in the great outdoors.

The didactic path Natura 2000 is separated into three thematic tours which can easily be combined:
Tour A : crosses mainly the forests that have been marked by human beings for years, therefore the topic “the human and the woods”.
Tour B : “The usage of the mining areas, now and then” is the topic to which this circular walk is dedicated.
Tour C: illustrates the principle of “The natural development in a former mining area”. It shows how nature took over the former opencast mining areas over time.


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