Guided Tour in Museum of the Cockerill Mine


An exceptional mining heritage
The Cockerill Mine is one of those beautiful stories we love to tell. After many decades of operation, the old Katzenberg mine was closed and fell into ruins—but it was not forgotten! A group of passionate former miners who wanted to pass their memories on to future generations decided to breathe new life into the old site. Following extensive renovations and improvements, the Katzenberg mine is once again a site to discover. Home to the Cockerill Mine Museum, a nature reserve and the Nature Conservation Centre Ellergronn, it features tools, drills, fossils, machinery and operating vehicles. You can even see the foundry and check out the old “hanging room” (“salle des pendus”). But don’t worry, we’re not talking about medieval dungeons here—the hanging room had nothing to do with torture. It’s where miners hung their clothes and other personal belongings to dry!

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