Group activity: Guided Mountainbike Tour - "Belvaux - Differdange"


Thrills and obstacles for mountain biking enthusiasts await ahead! Come take a ride on the wild side and live your perfect adventure in the land of the red rocks! Attention: The ticket price applies per group and not per person. All group tickets can also be booked for individuals. If you always wanted a personal coach, then this is the one for you

Ready to ride the Redrock MTB Belvaux–Differdange Trail?

Make sure you’re well equipped, because this mountain bike trail promises all kinds of thrills and obstacles for mountain-biking enthusiasts. There are technical sections, challenging stretches through the woods, rocky slopes and endless climbs and descents. But the landscapes and panoramic views are definitely worth the effort...even if the real challenge is not to stop!

Our trained guide can accompany you and help you discover the trail in a completely new way; work on your technique and learn how to engage difficult terrain at speeds hitherto thought impossible. Find out how these guided tours have something in store even for bikers who know the trails by heart.

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