Lankelz miniature trains

lankelz miniature trains


Let’s play trains!

The miniature train—a class children’s toy of the past and present. Between small model trains and life-size locomotives, the Lankelz railway has 1/3-scale trains that run on the rails. A perfect ride for the young and old…choo, choo! This miniature station is located in Esch-sur-Alzette, and passengers can climb aboard every Sunday afternoon from May 1 to October 15 for a 15-minute ride on the “medium” train.

Have fun!

Opening hours

Monday - -
Tuesday - -
Wednesday - -
Thursday - -
Friday - -
Saturday - -
Sunday  14h00 - 17h30


01.05. - 15.10.


Dampfzug/Train à vapeur/steam train: 2.5€/person | Dieselzug/train diesel/diesel train: 2€/person | Autorail: 5€/person