Centre nature et forêt Ellergronn


Natural and cultural heritage

Ellergronn is where all the elements that make up the richness of southern Luxembourg come together: a rich and abundant natural heritage, on one hand, and the exploitation of former mines on the other. In the past, the Cockerill mine was an important centre of activity and played a major role in the economic development of the entire region.

Today the site has been transformed into a welcome centre, where visitors and enjoy permanent and temporary exhibitions about this unique heritage. Following the closing of the Cockerill mine, a museum with the same name was established on site, and the area was transformed into the Ellergronn nature conservation centre. The nature reserve is part of a European network of reserves that aim to protect numerous species and their habitats. Located 2km south of Esch-sur-Alzette, the welcome centre is the perfect starting point to discover the surroundings, offering numerous educational walking trails that run through these protected areas. Enjoy a beautiful day of outdoor exploration!



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