Blast Furnace Belval


The blast furnace is closed until the end of March.

Our own little Eiffel Tower

Luxembourg’s version of the Iron Lady, these towers symbolise the cultural richness of the Terres Rouges. Witnesses of an era that transformed the country and played a major role in its economic emergence and the lives of its inhabitants, the Belval Blast Furnaces have left their mark Luxembourg’s history and the landscape.

This site is the pinnacle of the region’s identity and fascinating history. The closure of the country’s last remaining blast furnace in 1997 marked the end of an era. It was time to turn the page, this transition made room for new technology in the future. The fact that Belval is such a growing and flourishing place today is largely thanks to its magnificent past. Discover this history with projections and a visit to the various sites.

You can step inside blast furnace A, visit the cast house, walk along the cooling system and end your visit with a breath-taking view of the city. Guided tours are also available to help visitors better understand how this massive machine works. Listed in the Supplementary Inventory of National Sites and Monuments since 2000, the Belval Blast Furnaces won’t fail to surprise you.

Closed from 1st November to 31st March.

Price entry blast furnace A:

Admission: 5 €

Reduced price: 3€ for visitors under 18 years  and over 65 years

Free entry: children up to 12 years (must be accompanied by an adult).


Industry, History

Opening hours

Monday - -
Tuesday - -
Wednesday 10h00 19h00
Thursday 10h00 19h00
Friday 10h00 19h00
Saturday 10h00 18h00
Sunday  14h00 - 18h00


01/04 - 31/10


entrée gratuite/freier Eintritt/free entrance : (0-14) 3€ : adolescents, étudiants & 65+/Jugendliche, Studenten & 65+/adolescents, students & 65+ 5€ : adultes/Erwachsene/adults


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