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Office Régional du Tourisme Sud a.s.b.l.


Tel.: +352 27 54 59 91



The agreement signed between the government of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, represented by the State Secretary and the Office Régional du Tourisme Sud,  defines the tasks of the ORT as follows:


On a general level

  • Development of the touristic appeal of the southern region of the Grand Duchy.
  • Development of a regional tourism concept and development of new tourism products in accordance with the national strategy.
  • Conservation, and upgrading of the natural, cultural and historical heritage of the region.

On the level of the collaboration of/with actors and tourism organizations

  • Stimulation of a culture of collaboration, co-production and cohesion among tourism stakeholders in the region by:
    • Close collaboration with public and private, national and regional actors working in tourism;
    • Cross-border collaboration with agencies in neighboring regions to coordinate the touristic offer and marketing activities;
    • the development of the flagship projects, networking and co-production with regional actors and to build sustainable partnerships;
  • Sharing of tools and content developed with other tourism bodies;
  • Assistance and advice for partners and volunteers;
  • Synchronization of all tasks between national tourism bodies and volunteer organizations;
  • Cross-selling of products between tourist regions

On the level of the visibility of the tourist attractions

  • Improving the visibility of existing tourist attractions for partners and visitors;
  • Familiarization programs for all partners and actors that are in direct contact with the visitors;
  • Coordination of activities and events in the region.

On the level of the visitor experience

  • Improving the visitors’ experiences within the region ;
  • Recruitment and supervision of tourist guides, improvement of the quality of the guided tours offered ;
  • Recruitment and supervision of tourism coordinators, improvement of the quality of touristic entertainment offered ;
  • Designing entertainment initiatives ;
  • Creation of events in the main locations