« Burdina / Hierro » - Adriana Bilbao

FlamencoFestival Esch 2023

Burdina/Hierro tells the story of an Andalusian immigrant in the mining region of the Basque Country. News of the loss of someone close to her causes her to sink into a whirlwind of sadness and despair. She has to overcome her pain, alone and far from home. The memories of her native land and of her family will help her to gather the strength to face up to the grief and turmoil. She will rebuild herself and assert herself as a woman, independent and whole.

The mine is present through the piece. Like a golden thread, the percussive sounds of metal on stone from the barrenadores (“drillers”) weave into the music and song, and accompany the dance on stage. Traditional Basque music then meets with flamenco and improvisation.

The show is a homage to migrants, to the memory of these women and men who left their land to seek work and a future elsewhere. It tells of life and death, of loss and pain, and also of the search for a better life, of love, of the role of women and the meeting between cultures.

  • Dance: Adriana Bilbao
  • Songs: Beñat Achiary & Raúl Micó
  • Guitar: Guillermo Guillén
  • Piano: Michel Queuille
  • Barrenadores/Drillers: Luis Mariano Casillas, Peio Mentxaca, Koldo Plazas


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To : 25€

Dates for this event

Saturday, 27 May 2023 - 20h00