Memories of the blue noise (sound experience walk)

Walking, listening and recomposing everyday sounds of Esch

Three routes to discover the art of sound walking chosen by sound urbanist Trond Maag and sound architect Andres Bosshard.

How can we take responsibility for the sound of our city? We teach ourselves how to listen to Esch’s buildings, squares and streets, how to talk to the city, and how the city talks to us. You can put this knowledge into practice at home and explore how to modify your city’s sound while walking, shopping, and meeting people.

The sound experience walks allow residents and visitors of Esch2022 to discover the city’s acoustic environments. The soundwalk guide is collaboratively developed with the project partners as part of their work and research practice related to urban sound. The walk’s collaborative context brings together actors involved in city-making and environmental design to share their work practices.

Walking, Listening and Recomposing Everyday Sounds of Esch shifts the city sound's focus towards a designed and planned quality. It draws attention to active engagement concerning how surfaces, materials, architectures, landscapes, and how people activate these forms, contribute to the sound and identity of a city experiencing significant developments. The walks’ participants will become more aware of the sound of their city by considering how sounds spread and behave in space, and learn to express their listening experiences. In this way, knowledge of urban sound can spill over into everyday city life, taking root and beginning to evolve.

Text provided by the project partner


Esch2022, Art, Culture & Literature

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