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1001 Tonnen

No, I'm not telling you a story, and certainly not a fairy tale, nor is it a dream title, but it is pure and simple reality.
1.6 kilos of litter per inhabitant per year in Luxembourg (2020).
Multiply this by the 626,000 inhabitants (2020) and you get a total of 1001 tons of litter per year in Luxembourg.
This is 103 kilos of litter per km along our country roads.
This is 216 kilos of litter per km along our motorways.
This costs the Grand Duchy 1.2 million euros per year.
I take a picture of litter; the rubbish that people leave in our nature, their bathroom that they leave in the forest, their waste after a barbecue that they don't take away, their cigarette butts and cans that they throw out of the car, companies that don't recycle their rubble, etc.
Why do we do this? What is our motivation? Where is the respect for nature and for others? And what can we do about it?
I'm not only interested in the issue of littering, but also in our consumer behaviour and our wasteful society, which is a major contributor to this problem.
Why do we buy so much? Why do we simply replace things instead of repairing them? What can we do about it?

Text provided by the project partner.


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