Exposition Moving Lusitalia

Moving Lusitalia

The Italian district in Dudelange has been recognised as 'a social heritage of the industrial era and as a place of memory of migrations with a European dimension' (Perotti, Antonio, 1994) by the normative bodies of the Council of Europe. Built around 1880, it has been marked by immigration since its origins. However, in the course of its more than one hundred years of existence, the groups of migrants and the reception conditions (economic, social, political and cultural environment) have evolved. While retaining its general migratory configuration, the 'district' has therefore been in constant flux in order to adapt to the changing living and working conditions of its occupants. Since it has stayed the same in terms of surface, the 'district' has had to reinvent a new identity with each generation. Today, the 'Italian' district is on the verge of a new transformation through the 'Italian PAP' and 'Nei Schmelz' urban projects - spontaneous architecture will be challenged by planned housing developments - as well as by the globalisation of migratory presence with arrivals from Asia (Middle East, China...) and sub-Saharan Africa. The 'Moving Lusitalia' project aims to follow these exciting developments closely in light of the history of places and to show how these diverse mobilities have specifically invested in the same space.

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