Our umbrella-project consists of 3 main branches: Singularity 42! invites artists to reflect on the theme of technological singularity and the interaction between our physical and digital existence. Our main focus is to build a two-way bridge between the Faculty of Science, Technology and Medicine and chiefly Luxembourgish artists by providing high-level technical and research support to produce art projects that otherwise could not be executed, and vice versa, to involve artists to help create the aesthetics and design for our creative engineers whose conceptual originality needs the support and expertise of visual artists.

Following our modus operandi in remixing art and science, our ambition is two-fold: creating novel artworks and giving birth to a new community.

Project Corner(stone) collects those playful and interactive initiatives that make our AI&ART Pavilion less of a sterile, museum-like exhibition space and allows the visitors to experiment; to discover and rethink their own convictions.

Project Magneto comprises public lectures on AI for the general public, workshops for secondary school pupils to be introduced to AI and its applications through entertaining and thought-provoking installations, workshops to introduce AI to artists and events/seminars to bring forward cutting-edge technologies and most recent advances in the area of AI &Art for scientists, artists and individuals.

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