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In the framework of the WHO SEEKS PEACE project, the National Museum of Resistance and Human Rights presents the art exhibition IDEA OF PEACE, based on the incredible production of the Belgian expressionist artist FRANS MASEREEL (1889-1972). A convinced pacifist and witness to both world wars, he shows the consequences of war, repression, destruction and death. In the context of the conflict in Ukraine - and many others - his works, which are an appeal for peace and respect for human rights, are frighteningly relevant.

For this exhibition, which runs from 30 April to 14 August 2022 in Esch-sur-Alzette, the museum is joining forces with international partners. Accompanied by a catalogue, the exhibition IDEA OF PEACE presents drawings, aquarelles, books, films, and graphic animations. The museum also offers a series of conferences, events, and workshops.

A cooperation with K8 and Frans Masereel Stiftung.


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