Mi Clave

First a disciple of Niño Miguel and later of Manolo Sanlúcar, and with a long experience of accompanying dance (notably in the company of Eva Yerbabuena or the Ballet Flamenco de Andalucía) and singing (with, among others, Carmen Linares, Miguel Poveda, Arcángel, Lole and Jeromo Segura), Manuel de la Luz (Huelva, 1981) also pursues a career as a concert performer under his own name, but also alongside Rafael Riqueni, the maestro to whom Mi clave (My key) pays tribute.

Manuel de la Luz, a guitarist who combines a brilliant sense of rhythm with great melodic qualities, reaches maturity with this second album, "Mi clave". "Mi clave" is the set of flamenco styles that constitute the key to Manuel de la Luz's music and the current expression of his art: fandangos de Alosno in homage to Paco Toronjo, bulerías, bolero, alegrías, rumba, soleá, seguiriya...


Manuel de la Luz (guitar)

Olivia Molina (vocals)

Paco Vega (percussion)

Fran Roca (second guitar)





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