Born out of Kulturfabrik’s desire to support the local art scene, Squatfabrik is a program of short artistic residencies launched in 2020, in the heart of the global pandemic. Every two weeks, a new duo or trio of artists took over a vacant space at the entrance of the cultural centre. The audience was invited to drop by and later attend the “Get-Out”, marking the end of each residency. Given its success, Squatfabrik has by now become a recurring project, lapping over into the Galerie Terres Rouges which is becoming a workshop-gallery.

We have now decided to offer longer residencies (four weeks), focusing on visual arts, always with a duo of artists, with a preference for thought-provoking, committed, urban and visual artists that offer a critical view of our modern society. Therefore, from 20 September until 14 November 2021, we will bring together 4 emerging mid-career artists for 2 dual residencies: Gola Hundun (IT) + Marc Soisson (DE-LU) and Karolina Pernar (LU) + Josep Fernandez Margalef (SP). A collaboration with the European network Trans Europe Halles was implemented for the selection of the international artists.

The “Get-Out” will take place on the last week of each residency. This will be a presentation (discussions, screenings, workshops and performances...) in which artists can introduce and share their research and work with the public.

Gola Hundun (IT)

Gola Hundun lives and works in Rimini (Italy). His work shows the relationship between human beings and the biosphere. He explores themes such as interspecies communication, shamanism, a return to earth, vegetarianism, and spirituality. The universe he creates is allegorically enhanced by influences such post-human culture, sacred art, zoology, psychedelic art and by the many cultures he encountered during his travels around the world. Besides his work as a painter, Gola Hundun also creates public installations incorporating fiber, living plants, music and live performances. He participated in the 2017 and 2021 edition of Kufa's Urban Art Esch.

Marc Soisson (DE-LU)

Marc Soisson likes to highlight the essence of things by putting them into concrete actions. He thereby stresses archetypes, reversesthe process of drawing in a conceptual approach, emphasizing its performing character. Beyond the archaic and timeless beauty of the materials, he works with their symbolism and their potential associations while focusing on simmering materials in the tradition of minimalist reduction. Based on the practice of drawing, on charcoal, but also other materials such as minerals, organic matter or found elements, he extends abstraction to the concretion of a process that covers the cycles of existence.

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